Wednesday, March 30, 2011

For the single man (shortcuts to being not too depressed).

I rarely get a chance to give advice. You'd think it would be a big part of the gig, but it's more true that people need to be heard and to see themselves though something more than they need (my) advice. And even if I do give advice, no one listens to it. The best advice comes from listening to yourself. That being said, fellas.. if you're a single guy,  in the middle of the divorce or the break-up, or you're a creative type with a depressive orientation, or one of Maslow's "Transcenders"... I've got one simple mood enhancing piece of advice:

Make your bed every morning.

Coming home to a well made bed, falling asleep under clean sheets somehow, inexplicably matters. No matter how jacked up your life is at the moment.. fight this fight for yourself. A well made bed has an existential impact. I know it's trivial... but it is the little things and its much easier than an anti-depressant.

Go make your bed and do it like it you mean it.