Monday, April 7, 2014

Sometimes Someone.

I was just reading about Peaches Geldof and still thinking about LWren Scott... If one suffers from a depressive disorder, is a little over-attuned to what comes in,  and has some kind of narcissistic injury... it's impossible to convey how much not killing oneself is a daily decision, a minute by minute conversation and a kind of unending grind that... no matter how much one is met by love and support, opportunity and freedom... is always there. Some folks are fighting invisible forces every second of their lives.  The thing is wiring. It's subtle, it doesn't care much about rational thought and it's always there whispering at you no matter what you do. It makes a home of you. I hate seeing take anyone... as it so often does. The bad moment always passes but the accumulation of them can kill even the most thriving amongst us in a moment of hopelessness. We don't really (culturally) engage it beneath the surface before we toss it away as selfishness or stupidity. 
There is a way through. There are ways through.