Thursday, October 8, 2009

It's a blunt instrument.

The truth of it is that there are no shortcuts. There isn't an easy way. Its unbelievably hard and exhausting. It can be tremendously scary. It takes time and gobs of patience. Its repetitive. There's no faking or avoiding the hard parts. And any therapist that has a shortcut or wants you to believe its easy, can't really help you. 
The patients that show up now.... more than ever before, are in more pain yet also demand a quicker answer.
 I get it. I wish I could give them what they want.... but I can't lie... therapy is a blunt instrument and its heavy and could be the hardest of all life's undertakings. And all any therapist can do is go through it with you, but you do all the work. Its a lot of work.
Its hard to make that sexy for people. Its not spray tanning or life coaching, or instant transcendence, and it just isn't for everyone. 
But its real, and it works. Especially if you can see it through. And even if you cant get through the whole thing... sometimes doing a piece is enough for now. As much as I love seeing someone through the whole thing, doing a solid piece is great stuff too.

Don't get me wrong, its not all doom and gloom, there is a lot of light, hope, and laughter (*with symptom reduction and inspired moments). Its that its not easy. Change never is.